5x Solo|Duo|Trio Modded

Premium Plugins – NO VIP / PAY TO WIN – just join our groups and receive all benefits!
5x Solo|Duo|Trio Server
weekly wipes on thursday!
Free2Play PVP Arenas with TeamDeathmatch, GunGame and more
Customized Loot – No Blueprints!
Discord-Raid Notifier and rewards
Vanilla TC Settings, 5% decay out of TC range, normal upkeep – no building cap!
1% craftingtime – extended stacksizes for nearby all items – FurnaceSplitter – Powersmelt
RaidBlock, Home and TP with UI (increase them with joining SteamGroup!)
custom heli, chinook and cargoship events – Giveaway Roll Out – Massdrops
ServerRewards for Ingame-Shop, Kits, ChatQuiz, LiveMap, daily Airdrops for Voting
Trading, PlayerChallenges Leaderboard, SignArtist, StashBlock
DeathMarker, NightLanterns, SlidingDoors, Remover, AutoCodeLock, AutoDoorCloser
SkipNight Voting, BGrade, DynamicCupSharing and ClansReborn
more than 6000 Skins and so much more!


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