Code of Honor

It is generally easier to stand together if a few principles are followed:

Main languages in chat:

Please – write english or german. We love all nations. But it´s about the overview. Use the private messages for dialogues in your native language.

No Griefing:

No procovations. No shit-talk. Just be cool, even when you get on your muzzle. It´s a game and revenge is yours.

Admins and Mods:

Admins with admin-controls don´t play active. It´s not possible without abuse. Our Mods don´t have any gameplay advantages, but a good line to the admins. Remember that and take it seriously.


Admins watching you! And we sort out assholes. It is our right to kick or ban people which do not follow rules, provoke, annoy or just hinder others. We don´t like dubious Steam accounts. Avoid useless despawns, respectless builds after raids, traps for raided enemies or whatever stupid ideas you come up with.